Page Valley Amateur Radio Club (PVARC) was started in the spring of 2008 by a few hams interested in sharing their hobby with others and forming a group to take part in emergency communications.

The Page Memorial Hospital emergency staff welcomed the idea, and set up an emergency communications room in the hospital to help in the event of a widespread medical crises, should the hospital's own services fail. At that time space was provided for the club to hold its monthly meetings at the hospital.

In the spring of 2009, the club met the ARRL (the organization which coordinates Amateur Radio activities in the United States) qualifications to become an affiliate member and receive its own unique call sign of K4PMH.

Also at that time, PVARC participated in its first Field Day event.  This is an annual twenty-four hour nationwide communications exercise where all participating Amateur stations contact as many US stations as possible using only emergency power and in field conditions. This presented an opportunity for the Club members to learn and practice emergency communications procedures and techniques.

The team was so pleased with the outcome and what was learned, that participation in Field Day has now become PVARC major annual event.

Emergency operation and Public Service has become a major Club interest. A great deal of learning and education , as well as coordination with local Emergency Organizations goes into this effort. Club members also work with other Amateur Radio Clubs in the area to help set up modern communication systems.


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