Memorandum of Understanding


Page County Amateur Radio Emergency Service


The Page Valley Amateur Radio Club

A. A primary responsibility of the Amateur Radio Service, as established by Part 97 of the Federal Communication Commission's regulations (47CFR), is to provide emergency communications for the general public when normal communication systems may be disrupted or inadequate.

B. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a nationwide field organization sponsored by the American Radio Relay League Inc. (ARRL) and is managed by respective Emergency Coordinators at the state, district, and county level. It is at the county level where most of the emergency preparedness planning, organizing and training is accomplished, because this is the level at which most emergencies occur and the level at which ARES leaders have direct contact with ARES members, amateur radio clubs and groups, and officials of the served agencies.

C. The Page County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (hereafter referred to as Page-ARES) is comprised of licensed amateurs who reside and/or work in the Page Valley area of Virginia and who have voluntarily registered their equipment and skills and have expressed a desire to organize, train and be prepared to provide auxiliary communication services for public service agencies and other relief organizations when disaster strikes or whenever called upon.

D. The Page Valley Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (hereafter referred to as PVARC) was originally founded in 2008, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency, to promote public service and disaster communications, and to conduct Club programs and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the Page Valley area of Virginia.

E. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to strengthen the existing cooperative relationship between Page-ARES and PVARC and to establish an understanding within which Page-ARES and PVARC will provide and coordinate Amateur Radio communication networks, equipment, and volunteers to support disaster relief operations within Page Valley Area of Virginia.

F. Recognitions

  1. Page-ARES recognizes PVARC as an autonomous Page Valley amateur radio club which conducts public service, educational and other club activities.
  2. PVARC recognizes Page-ARES as the local organization responsible for planning and coordinating overall countywide emergency preparedness and operations in Page County in support of Page County public safety agencies, and other Page County agencies.

G. Method of Cooperation

For the communications resources of Page-ARES and PVARC to be coordinated and used to the fullest advantage during disasters and emergencies and to the extent permitted or required by law and regulation, PVARC and Page-ARES have agreed to the following:

PVARC, having no affiliation with Page-ARES, will however, encourage its members to participate in the Page-ARES program and take emergency communications training to prepare to be of service to the residents of The Page Valley when needed.

PVARC and Page-ARES will make available copies of this agreement to their respective organization’s members and include it with their organization’s documents.

H. Implementation

This Memorandum of Understanding shall take effect upon adoption by the PVARC membership and signature of the PVARC President, and upon agreement by Page-ARES and signature of the Page-ARES Emergency Coordinator. This memorandum may be amended by mutual agreement of both parties. Either party may terminate this memorandum upon 60 days written notice.

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(PVARC President)                                                                                (Page-ARES EC)

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(signatures on file)