Broadband Hamnet HSMM Mesh


If you have heard people talking on the KQ4D 146.625 repeater about Broadband Hamnet, nodes, and all kinds of crazy things, then you are probably wanting to know what they are talking about? Hopefully in this article I can explain some of what we have been talking about, and get you on board with the project.


What in the world is Boadband Hamnet or BBHN?


Well, it is a high speed wireless network just like what you may have at work or in your home. Except this network is self discovering, self configuring, self advertising, and fault tolerant. It can do all of this at a great distance between each device. BBHN is a special firmware that was developed by a group of Hams in Texas to establish a high speed network in their neighborhood. This firmware is uploaded to a consumer wireless device and it turns it into a ham radio. Once it is a ham radio, otherwise known as a node it is time for the fun to begin!

What devices can I use, and where do I get the firmware?