On Wednesday, May 27 B.H. KM4CKD and Morgan K4RHD arranged a demonstration of amateur radio portable capability for several interested students at Page County High School, where KM4CKD teaches science, technology, and robotics. The set up included battery, generator and solar power, a portable 28' mast with 2m vertical and 40-10m OCF dipole. and included 2m communication on the 146.625 and 147.300 repeaters on HTs and  1 75 mobile rig, as well as contacts on 20m and 40m on an IC-756. Two of the students plan on studying for their license. PVARC appreciates the support of Page County High School, and Eric Benson, principal, who was also present for the demo. There are tentative plans to set up an amateur radio club and club station at the school.